Crunch time- again!

Well. Here I am again, desperate to lose weight but still not having found the way to keep my brain in the right place long enough to have any success.
I’ve decided to log my journey, document my experiments, and see if blogging in itself will keep me focussed.
I’ll give a bit of historical detail when I feel up to raking over the grim details, but for now, these are the starting stats:
Female, 43 years old, married for 17 years, 3 kids (ages 16,14 and 8), working part time in mental health.
Height 5ft 7”
Weight 15st 7lbs (217lbs)
Clothes size 22

Things that I have found (over the years!) that help me to lose weight:
Feeling like I have a choice
Fast results
Eating low GL foods
Having guidelines, not rules
Getting my head round it first
Exercise that’s fun, especially dancing
Setting mini-goals
Pete Cohen
Judith Beck
Nigel Denby
Weighing myself daily, as long as I am losing weight!

Things that don’t work:
Counting calories, points, or anything else
Telling myself I must not/should not/ought not to eat something- the innner rebel responds with a vigorous two fingers and the next thing I know 2 chocolate eclairs have disappeared…
Going to the gym
Not having enough space in my life to concentrate on myself

At the moment, I have taken some time off work as things were getting on top of me, and I hope to use the time to get some good habits in place.

Today, I am going to:
1. Start a folder of simple, quick and tasty vegetable recipes (as I want to vastly increase the proportion of fruit and veg in my diet)
2. Eat only when I am hungry

So here goes!

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